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I am often asked if I could or will travel to a specific location to meet someone for a one on one adventure.  While the answer is “yes”, it always seems to get put together in an ad-hock manner. Although I can be very  spontaneous; planning does have its merits:) So after some thought, I have put together a couple of ‘packages’ that might be of interest to some of you Gentlemen. The following packages are good anywhere in the Continental USA, and they all include my time, round-trip airfare and hotel.

#1- “The Bliss”
This is a 2-3 hour daytime encounter at my hotel that we will both select, and that will be convenient for you.  You will pick the time and I will be waiting for you. You select either two or three hours, the choice is yours…… $1,400

#2- “The Nirvana”- We will meet up in late afternoon and I will be your dinner date. Afterwards we will go back to my hotel for 2-3 hours of relaxation.  No clock watching, about 6 hours of quality time spent with each other sounds about right, don’t you think…..? $1,700

#3- “Utopia”- This is the one that you will not soon forget. You work hard, you deserve something special.  Perhaps you have wanted to attend a special club, go to a private party, maybe go to a concert and THEN go to a party. All with someone who will be the perfect adult companion for YOU. This is your 24 hours….with me as your companion the entire time. We meet up at my hotel in the afternoon and around the same time the next day we bid each other farewell. The agenda is wide open….we go from there. $2,400

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING- If we have not seen each other previously full screening is required before any planning, discussions, etc. take place. I need at least 30 days advance notice. A 30% Deposit is required in advance…NO EXCEPTIONS. This will be refunded if anything unforeseen were to happen on my end. I do have a passport and am available for international travel and events. International trips will be negotiated on a “case by case” basis.