Wish List

Surprise Me

I am often asked what some of my favorite things are or what I would like to receive as a gift.  Gifts are never expected but are always very nice to receive.  I always remember who gave them to me and I certainly will think of you when I use your gift:)  Some of my favorite things are simple and some extravagant. I just thought I would list a variety 🙂  .


I like red wine such as Merlot or Pinot Noir.

Gift cards are always nice and will most certainly be greatly appreciated:

Panera Bread…I love that place:) I also like Chili’s and any other place that is generally easy to find and has great salads!

My Amazon wish list can be found here and can be shipped directly to me:

Clothing: I generally prefer to purchase my own clothes as you never know what these huge boobs are going to fit in :).  Having said that, if you see that perfect something for me though I will most certainly appreciate it and will remember how thoughtful you were…  A gift receipt does help in the exchange process if the boobies get in the way.  I’m a dress size 10, a medium bottom and a medium top if it’s made of stretchy material or a large top in non stretchy.  Here are a few things on my current wish list:


The Violet Vixen

I like most all of their products, so please feel free to use your discretion:)  Corset size: 28, Shoe size: 9

Fine Lingerie:

Agent Provocateur 40DDD Bra

Agent Provocateur Gift Voucher

Pantyhose, go by height.  I am 5’5″

European stay-up stockings (thigh highs) go by thigh diameter … size S:

Wolford Stockings

Shoes: I adore a nice pair of shoes! Shoe size 39-40 Euro or 9 US

Lottery Tickets:

I have a deal for you…get some lottery tickets to me and if I/we hit it we split it all:) It’s fun, cheap,  and we both get to dream a bit…….