I am often asked what “services” I  offer. What I offer is to provide you with enjoyable and unforgettable adventures. For me, eroticism means openness, curiosity, excitement as well as mutual pleasure and exploration. I want you to have new and exciting experiences while I cater to your individual desires.

1 hour…….$300, each additional hour $250

Overnight…..$1500  (Assumes approximately 14 hours total with a minimum of 6 hours of sleep.)

Weekend……$3000 ( 2 full days and nights)

$100 deposit required for dates in excess of 3 hours.  This deposit will be deducted from the donation when we meet.  Your deposit will be refunded in full if for any reason my trip is cancelled.  NOTE:  Obviously I am setting aside a large block of time for you. Therefore, if you cancel, your deposit will be forfeited to compensate me for time I could have used to book someone else.

Sarasota and Orlando Areas:

2 hrs. minimum…$550,  plus $100 travel expenses.

Cancellation Policy:  We all know  that unforeseen things happen in life and at times one may need to cancel appointments.  I prefer 24-48 hours notice whenever possible; having said that I accept that the proverbial “shit happens”.  Now…… while this may happen once in a while, having repeated cancellations from the same person can be not only inconvenient, but harmful to my business.   For this reason I require a non refundable $100 pre-booking deposit from anyone who has previously cancelled 2 or more times in a row with less than 24 hours notice, AND/OR 3 or more times in a row even with sufficient notice.

If I book a time with you, I plan to have that time available for you, and no one else and I simply can’t have that disrupted over and over again.


I am often asked if I could or will travel to a specific location to meet someone for a one on one adventure. While the answer is “yes”, it always seemed to get put together in an ad-hock manner. Although I can be very spontaneous; planning does have its merits:) So after some thought, I have put together a package that might be of interest to some of you Gentleman who might be a bit off of my normal travel routes, have a special event to attend, etc. This package is good anywhere in the Continental USA, and includes my time, round-trip airfare and my hotel accommodations. I call it…………


Of course, you will pick the day, and the place and then……………….

Our meeting time can be flexible, as can the location. Perhaps a lunch meeting? An afternoon happy hour drink? Would you like to simply show up at my hotel? Combinations thereof? Or maybe something else entirely?
Something a bit more risqué…..? A trip to a swinger’s club? A private party where you might want companionship at your side?

Virtually whatever you are thinking of, Its all possible and quite doable! You have 5 straight hours of my undivided attention, and I am not a clock watcher, trust me on this!

The literal definition of Nirvana is a place of perfect peace and happiness. You have worked hard to get to where you are in life, and you deserve to have episodes of Nirvana. Its my sole purpose to ensure that You achieve that blissful state.
My donation for this particular encounter is $1,750

THE FINE PRINT– If we have not seen each other previously full screening is required before any planning, discussions, etc. take place. I need at least three weeks advance notice. A $500 dollar Deposit is required in advance…NO EXCEPTIONS. This will be refunded if anything unforeseen were to happen on my end. I will need to be able to meet and interact with you within a 20 mile radius of a major airport serviced by one of the major airlines. If I can’t do that there may be additional traveling expenses. Additional time can be worked out. I do have a passport and am available for international travel and events. International trips will be negotiated on a “case by case” basis.