How to schedule

To schedule an appoinitment,  I would greatly appreciate the basic information as requested on the contact form located on the (Contact page

There is room at the bottom for you to communicate your interests…and I would very much like to here them:) Or you may send an additional email for longer text.

I strive to make every meeting unique and exciting! I dare to be different!  If you have any wild sensual fantasies, please feel free to communicate them to me.  While I make no promises of performance, fantaasy fulfillment is an ultimate turn-on to me.

* Please Read if you are a NEWCOMER/FIRST TIMER.

There is a proper etiquette to meeting a companion. First and foremost you need to understand that while this is a service it’s still my choice to decide who I desire to meet and interact with. It’s not guaranteed that we will meet, so please be respectful and non-explicit in your inquiries.

I would recommend that you go to and join…it’s free… and look for the advice for newcomers. You can also see my reviews there under Angie Summers/Minnesota. I’d also suggest that you go through this process for everyone you’d like to meet and read her profile page and her reviews. While this isn’t a guarantee of exemplary service it will give you a great chance for a safe and memorable adventure.

It is not true that giving no information keeps you safer. Those of us who want to be safe screen everyone, there are no exceptions. This is good for all of us. It protects us, YOU and our other friends. If you can just pop in the door to meet someone with no screening, no preparation and no respect, beware of who you are going to see. If it’s that easy… it is probably poor service…at best, that will be your only problem.

Do your homework and stay with known companions and be sure to check their reviews. Better yet, join or These are verification services that will discreetly take your information and check to make sure you are who you say you are. Once verified, that info is discarded and you will have a membership name or number and also a personal profile which YOU can edit. I prefer to see gentlemen who belong to these sites. I don’t receive a dime for referring them. My safety is priceless.

Remember to erase your internet history and delete call records from your cell phone. Don’t leave a piece of paper around with my phone number on it. Trust me, this has been done. Neither you nor I want to hurt anyone by being indiscreet.