Unplanned trip to DC area

Well, you know the old sayings, something about a woman’s prerogative…the way a women changes her mind? That would be me:)  I originally had no plans to leave my oh-so-cozy  Florida climate this winter, but after many calls and emails I have decided to make a trip to the BWI/DC area in early January.  I do hope the weather cooperates!

I plan to be in Crystal City from 1/2 – 1/5, and in Baltimore from 1/5 – 1/7.  If we have never met and you are interested in getting acquainted, please fill out my contact form.

Wintering in Florida!

Ah, Florida….”The Sunshine State”!  Even when it’s liquid sunshine, it sure beats the climate in most parts of the country at this time of year.  For that reason (and a few others), I have chosen to remain within the state for the remainder of Winter (barring unforeseen circumstances, of course).

We live in a wonderful country with a wide variety of scenery and cultures scattered across it to see and enjoy.  From our Capitol which is overflowing with history and culture, to scenic Alaska with it ice glaciers and abundant wildlife, there are too many places to see and far too many experiences to enjoy in just one lifetime!  There’s New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz, with it’s unique cuisine and eclectic communities.  New York is bustling, from Wall Street to it’s breathtaking scenery and nightlife.  South Carolina is teeming with tradition and old Southern hospitality, and New England is full of history and delicious seafood!  And let’s not forget sunny California and Hawaii.   Nevertheless, after a great deal of thought I have decided to stay right here in Florida, and enjoy my home state for the remainder of the season.  I grew up in South Florida, and still have many roots there.  After spending some time in the Pacific Northwest, I decided to make my home in beautiful Tampa Bay.  This area reminds me of Miami during my youth, with it’s beautiful beaches and quaint neighborhoods.  There are outstanding restaurants in the area, many festivals, places to go and things to do.  My friends are here, and many of them are perplexed trying to steal a few precious hours of time to spend together.

Hopefully I will meet many new friends this winter.  Whether you are traveling to the area or local, please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to spend some quality time together this season!